News Title : Glory Cargo Logistics Is Opening a New Website
News Title : Glory Cargo Logistics Is Opening a New Website.
Glory Cargo Logistics was established in the year 2000 to provide crucial and reliable cargo handling services to a growing Bangladesh export and import market. Since then, our business has expanded from marine related key services to air transport, warehousing, customs clearance and logistics services. We are only one of the Cargo Handling Agent in Dhaka Airport for Lufthansa Air Cargo and Continental Airlines Cargo. Glory Cargo Logisticsis the Member of BAFFA (Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association) and one of the exclusive agent of Biman Bangladesh Airlines Limited and Soudia Arabian Airlines. We have our own Customs Agent License in Bangladesh.

Our company has grown into a total transport and logistics service company, capable of handling a multitude of requirements for clients who need to establish a valuable link to and from the Bangladesh and the world. Each of the individuals on the Glory Cargo Logistics team is well versed on the intricacies of cargo handling. Working in an environment where every minute counts, our staff moves your cargo with precision, on schedule.
At the gateway of the world’s fastest-growing region, the Bangladesh is a significant part of the global transport network. Glory Cargo Logistics has established relationships with partners world-wide, with specific focus on Asia, Europe, USA & Canada. This extensive Global Agency Network allows us to offer the most comprehensive and efficient cargo handling services.

As the trade industry evolves, Glory Cargo Logistics is prepared to respond to urgent concerns such as its impact on the environment. We harness new technology to meet our customers’ demands. Reliability will continue to be our trademark, as we continue to meet clients’ expectations with the highest level of quality

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